Thick 'n' Tender

Our consciously clean Thick ‘n’ Tender Toilet Tissue is crafted with care to deliver exceptional results. Our Products and Brands are designed to fulfill human needs as wel as minimise harm on the environment.

A Toilet Paper that understands you

Our Toilet Paper is driven by our keeness to understand people, families and communities.

Easy Flash

Detormologically Tested

Skin Friendly

Environmental Friendly

Petals for All

To make every household feel satisfied, happy and empowered.

Family Care.

We have in place a quality control system designed to bring the highest quality to our consumers.

Baby Care.

Petals toilet paper is specially molded with love and gentleness that our sensitive babies need

Petals For All

Our way of caring for the nation. A love always there in good and bad times is our toilet paper

Our Best Selling Tissue Products

We have collection of best selling products the you love!!

Our Tissue Products are inspired by Nature’s extract.

In developing our products, we use the best that nature has to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into luxurious formulas
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Toilet Paper Products

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Our Customers Loves Us.

We have collection of best selling products the you love!!


A Tufted Soft Toilet Paper for everyone.


A specie of the Asteraceae Family. 

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